Innocuous Book is a DevOps platform that integrates natively with other open and non-open source MLOps and AutoML solutions on the market including popular software packages, libraries, and any data engineering ETL pipeline.


Benefits of Innocuous AI

Shorten time-to-value for your company's AI investment

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Improve employee satisfaction & retention and make recruiting easier by widening your hiring pool of data scientists with domain knowledge as they no longer need to have IT or DevOps experience

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Use any type of data source and integrate with any data engineering or other best-in-class platform that suits your ever-changing needs

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Leapfrog over your competition by getting models to production faster and maintain them seamlessly with automated continual learning

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Save on payroll with a smaller AI team and built-in optimization of cloud compute costs to yield a better ROI faster

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What Business Executives Want

Companies invest in AI to provide better products and service experiences for your customers, and improve customer acquisition & retention in order to grow revenues

  • Reduce Cost

    Avoid scaling linearly by maintaining a small AI team and controlling cloud compute costs more effectively

  • Better ROI

    By outsourcing DevOps for your AI team, your ROI improves due to reduced expenses in payroll and infrastructure cost

  • Faster Time-To-Value

    Cut down time from years to months to yield value from your AI investments

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Cloud platform dedicated for AI use cases

  • Effortless yet flexible with both tabular and unstructured data like NLP and computer vision
  • Eliminate headaches by outsourcing MLOps and DevOps infrastructure to avoid perpetual engineering maintenance
  • Ease of adoption with non-invasive, low learning curve; a completely language and framework agnostic platform
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Platform Feature Highlights

Remote Development
Hyper Parameter Search
Deployment Endpoints
Continual Learning & Search Pipeline
Few Shot Learning
Serverless Functions
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Remote Develop with our Cloud IDE and notebooks

Remote develop with our cloud-based VScode IDE and/or Jupyter Lab notebooks that come pre-configured and easily customizable to your backend software and hardware needs. This enables any data scientist, software engineer or algorithms expert to begin developing and debugging immediately and interactively on the same cloud infrastructure used for production pipelines and work flows. Allowing for very little onboarding time investment, this opens up opportunities for you to hire top talent with domain expertise but little cloud-based, DevOps and backend infrastructure expertise.

Experimentation and Hyper Parameter Search

The most comprehensive experimentation and hyper parameter search UI on the market with extra functionality around development and debugging. More hyper parameter search algorithms are implemented than any other platform. And best of all, not invasive to your scripts. Launching experiments and hyper parameter search don’t require any changes in the code. Additionally we optimize experiments under the hood for compute expenditure, saving you cloud compute costs, and time to deployment.

Instant Inference Deployment

Instantly deploy your models and algorithms to an inference production environment.

Continual Learning and Search Pipelines 

Enable interactive building and assembly of continual learning production pipelines in minutes. The best no-code tool for configuring and optimizing your training algorithms for the cloud. Includes visualizations for maximized visibility while monitoring your production pipelines, empowering you to scale your AI product without scaling your team size.



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